20 narrative horror resources

Walking through a forest or visiting a town can change a lot depending on the narrative and the events that happen. Here are 20 narrative horror resources to use freely in your RPG games.

* Image design by Perplexingruins

Roll 1d20:

  1. Two bright circular lights appear in front of you 30 metres away.
  2. A wolf howls and suddenly the howling stops at once.
  3. A dead deer lies on the ground, it’s bleeding. The blood drips in the wrong direction.
  4. Ashes falling from the sky.
  5. A dense fog coming from nowhere surrounds you. You can’t see anything more than 10 centimetres from your eyes. The fog follows you for 1d6 hours.
  6. Lightning followed by the sound of thunder.
  7. The sound of a child singing comes from the bottom of a water well.
  8. A voice whispers your name.
  9. A broken bridge crossing a black water river.
  10. A sign that says “Go back home”.
  11. A fire light with figures dancing around it.
  12. An inverted cross made of sticks hanging from a tree.
  13. A one-eyed crow stares at you.
  14. All of a sudden, the temperature drops 20 degrees.
  15. You can smell the stench of rotten meat.
  16. A three legged dog.
  17. A man hanging from a tree. He still moves.
  18. A cemetery with empty graves.
  19. An impaled human.
  20. You can hear steps behind you. When you turn there is no one.