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20 Random Events in Towns and Cities

Sometimes towns and cities can be more dangerous than a dungeon. (Image credit: )

Roll a d20 and get your random event:

  1. The town mayor is about to get punished and executed in the town square for unclear reasons
  2. A group of local villagers accuses the characters of being devil worshippers
  3. A two headed pig who can speak is born in a local farm. The pig´s first words are the names of the characters
  4. All the children go missing overnight. Some people have seen them following a flautist in the middle of the night
  5. The town mayor wants to speak to the characters because he believes his house is haunted
  6. A vampire clan wants to use the town as its pantry, in 6 nights they will attack
  7. The main monument/statue of the city is vandalized
  8. A big storm floods all the streets for 6 days
  9. A strange, freaky circus comes into town and the characters receive invitations without realising they will be the main feature
  10. A thick and dense fog suddenly appears. Anyone who goes into the fog disappears
  11. The voice of a little girl asking for help can be heard from the town sewers
  12. A gang of thugs arrives in the town and starts making trouble. Sooner or later they will meet the characters
  13. A flash of lightning destroys the main temple of the town. People believe it’s a punishment from god and ask for help
  14. A pack of wolves enter the town and won´t leave until they find the characters
  15. There are no more boats coming to town through the main river so no more food and provisions arrive
  16. A festival to honor a local lord takes place. In the festival the lord will die under strange circumstances
  17. A strange and dangerous illness is detected. The local government forbids all the citizens to leave of their houses
  18. A terrible fire destroys a big part of the tow
  19. A farmer claims he has seen a gate to hell outside of town
  20. Bodies in the graveyard are dug up and found scattered around the town

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