Blood Knight

You can download the PDF version here. Art by Perplexing Ruins.

You are truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for your soul is protected by the armour of faith, just as your body is protected by the armour of blood. You are thus doubly armed, and need fear neither dangers nor men.

Nothing can wash away your sins but blood. The blood is your curse. The blood is your blessing. Since you were made, blood is the only thing that matters. In your eternal crusade your only goal is to spill it on the earth. You will cut, slash, hack and slice because your holy god wants you to.

Bloody originsRoll 1d6:

  1. You made a pact with the God of Blood.
  2. You were an executioner who was cursed.
  3. You took a blood bath for 666 days.
  4. You believe you are the God of Blood.
  5. You drank cursed blood.
  6. You were born from a blood pool.

You start with 2d6x10 silver + d4 Omens.

HP = Toughness + d8.

You call yourself (3d10):

1The Harbinger of…Supreme……Blood
2The Lord of…Everlasting……Blood
3The Bishop of…Eternal……Blood
4The Messiah of…Infinite……Blood
5The God/Goddess of…Boundless……Blood
6The Overlord of…Unholy…Blood
7The Prince/Princess of…Interminable……Blood
8The Ruler of…Unending……Blood
9The Warlord of…Depraved……Blood
10The Master of…Perpetual……Blood


Strong as a pint of blood: Roll 3d6+2 for strength. Fearsome: Due to your fearsome appearance roll 3d6+2 for presence. Blood thirsty: Drinking blood restores d6 HP. You start with 2 of the following:

  1. Bloodthirsty sword

Your sword needs to drink blood as it’s been cursed. It does d8 damage. You have to wash it in blood every night or it will lose its powers.

2. Blessed armour

Your armour was made of blood, scars, wounds and steel, also it was blessed by the Unholy God of Blood. Add -1 damage to your standard armour. You have to wash it in blood every night or it will lose its powers.

3. Food of the Gods

Spend a use of your Powers to create food for d6 people. It smells like rotten meat but tastes like heaven.

4. Delicious feast

The earth is thirsty and wants blood. Every time you hit your opponent, regenerate d4 HP.

5. True intentions

You can’t fool the blood, it always tells the truth. Drink a drop of blood of another creature or character and you will learn its true intentions.

6. Oath of the crusader

“I swear that I will defend by my words, arms, and every possible means, even with the loss of my own life, the mysteries of the Blood”. Roll d4+2 for omens.

7. All I see is red

“Every day I wake up I see blood that is dark and red, achy and teary”. Once per session you can re-roll a result in the broken table.

8. Bloody presence

The God of Blood has blessed you with a horrifying presence. Roll defend checks with +2.