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Lord of Flies – New character class for Mörk Borg

Enjoy playing with this new character class for Mörk Borg. Created by Eduardo Carabaño + Illustration designed by Perplexing Ruins.

New: Available in PDF here.


You don’t exist anymore; now you are us. Our face, hands, legs and all of our organs are made of flies that get together to become a humanoid shape while they move in perfect harmony under your skin. We are hundreds, thousands and millions of flying insects that move your body.

Sometimes you love us and sometimes you hate us…but you know that we are you. We live a shared existence with one only purpose; to be the prophets of decay.

How did the flies come to you? Roll 1d6:

  1. You made a pact with the God of Decay that went wrong.
  2. A warlock cursed you.
  3. You died, your body was abandoned and the God of Decay took pity on you.
  4. You were summoned by mistake from another dimension.
  5. You ate poisoned food for 666 days until you died screaming in pain.
  6. The flies ate and emptied your body while you were alive.

You start with 2d6x10 silver + d4 Omens.

HP = Toughness + d10.


Agile: Roll 3d6+2 for agility. Weak as a fly: Roll 3d6-2 for strength. You start with 2 of the following:

1. The Lord of flies

Once per combat the flies that compose your body can be used as a ranged attack. Damage 1d6 with 1 in 6 chance that the injured enemy by this attack dies because of an infection in 10 minutes.

2. Putrid presence

Presence test are DR-4 due to your fearsome presence.

3. Come to me

Luckily the world is full of flies. When you are injured, more flies can come to you, healing 1d4 per turn.

4. The smell of decay

The God of Decay has blessed you with a horrible smell. Roll defend checks with +2 due to your smell.

5. Flexible as a swarm

The swarm of flies can change shape to get through small gaps. Roll flexibility checks with -4 DR.

6. Fly, fly!

You can fly short distances but you cannot wear armour.

7. Let the pustules come to me

When you are infected, you can heal. Also heal naturally 1d6 HP per day.

8. Tsssssilence

Roll checks for hidding or sneaking with -4 DR.